As a Nigerian See Side hustle you can do today during this Covid-19 lockdown

Top five Side hustle you can do today

Are you a civil servant, an employer or employee, an entrepreneur, who rely solely on one source of income? This article is extremely directed to you as we are set to let you know you why should diversify your source of income and top five side-hustle you can do to achieve it.

Thank God you have a full-time job that guarantees stable monthly income, but that might not be enough to satisfy your ever increasing list of things or materials to purchase.

This is why you should consider investing in other money-making activities that will serve as alternative sources of wealth. These activities are largely referred to as ‘side hustles’ because they are only meant to support your major source of income.

So, what are the best side hustles you can start without stress or huge amount of money? We have the answers unveiled below:

1. Freelance Writing

This side hustle is very easy and profitable as long as you have a great passion for writing. You can work for multiple clients right from the comfort of your sitting room as it is an online-based profession.

The most impressive part of the business is that you don’t have to wait till you possess a computer before starting it because your Smartphone possess all you need for a start.

However, getting a computer or laptop is mandatory as you progress in the industry. You are expected to be, at least, $10 richer whenever you finish your first project or article.

2. Rent out your car or House

Have you ever heard of passive income? It is that money that you make even while sleeping. Wether you work or not, you are guaranteed to make monthly income… That’s great right?

Leasing out your car or house provides you the best template to enjoy quality (huge) amount of passive income.

All you need is build a good-looking mansion and give it out to interested tenants who will pay monthly or annual rent – depending on agreed terms.

3. Graphic Design

This is another side hustle that will surely boost your financial status as you are guaranteed to earn nothing less than $11 per logo or design.

Unfortunately, graphic design isn’t what everyone can do as it requires high technical know-how and good internet service.

You must have a computer system of your own and some software(s) such as Photoshop or InDesign.

4. Affiliate Marketing

This is another online-based side hustle you can do to add more weight to your financial value.

Affiliate marketing simply means referring visitors of a website to buy goods from a certain company.

The more people purchase a product from that company via your referral link, the more your commission increases.

However, you will need to be more active on social media platforms in order to get more viewers or potential buyers.

5. Baking

Do you know how much people pay for cake? Snacks, including doughnut, meat pie, sausage roll, are all fast-selling commodity that people can’t do without.

Hence, going into this business is certainly one way to make more money. You can start from doughnut only, while you continue to intensify your involvement in the baking business as time goes on.

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